1. The act of making art is my war protest, my civil disobedience, my beating drum. Making art is my conscious rejection of all violence in any form, whether fueled by fascism, racism, religious indoctrination, xenophobia, corporate manifest, or any other symptom of gross ignorance.

  2. Making art affords me a direct line of inquiry into any and all phenomena. Wherever my intuition leads me, the artistic method is the platform from which I can approach the subject. Naturally, it gives me license to scrutinize all human-scale, observable dealings: colors, forms, lines, textures, scales, flowers, stars, mountains, nudes, etc…. but also, art lets me delve into the unseen abyss, where unconstrained by physical reality, I might stumble upon secret esoteric truths, uncover universal symbolic themes, or bring into being tactile objects derived from unexpected hallucinatory visions!

  3. Lastly, art permits me to actively participate in the continuum of classical European humanism. For this I feel honored and inspired.